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     Re: snmpmon-client

> Does this module actually work for anybody?

I ended up coding so much into the module, I just took some time and came up
with a generic module to replace this one.

It will query a single variable, or it will walk a tree and total up
results, all based on a PERL expression that gets eval'ed for each variable
returned.  Example (from the config):

  pm-atl-2 +. MdmStat mycommunity \
  32 31 31 (((1<*)&&(*<5))||(*==7))

Walk the tree on a Livingston PortMaster that holds the status for the
modems.  Total up the modems that are in states 2, 3, 4, and 7 (these are
good states). Use this value to compare against the thresholds. 

So whenever I have some modems on a Portmaster get stuck in the ERROR state,
I get notified.

I've got some other examples in my config file.  I've put this at
ftp://ftp.comstar.net/pub/nocol/ if anyone is interested in playing with it.
We've been running it for about 4 months now and it appears to work well.

I'd be interested in hearing any feedback.