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     Re: [nocol-users] Hostmon-client connection

On 02/02, steve rader wrote:
>  > From: Jason Lavoie
>  > We also, during this process, wrote a udp server and client for this.
>  > This is so our data collection program (which writes the hostmon data to
>  > a database) can poll hosts in parallel.  This part is part of our final
>  > transition away from using nocol (but we'll still keep our hacked
>  > hostmond).
> Do tell: away from nocol... to what?!  I'm currently doing
> massive improvements to Rover4.

We've built a monitoring system to do what we want.  It has similar
overall structure to nocol (monitors, viewers, actions, etc.) but is
backened to a SQL db with a much more generalized approach.  Since our
business grows and changes so fast, we didn't want to be limited too
much by early assumptions. 

Right now, that is its major drawback -- it is too flexible.  We plan to
come up with better docs and some example configs in the near future.
Once we finish a few more items on the TODO list, we'll release it for

For now, we've put up the UDP server and client (other sections are just
stub links).  Here's a link to it at the head programmer's site:


Feel free to send comments or questions (regarding this software:)
to either of us.  He's not on the nocol-users list, so you'd have to
email directly.  As always, we'd appreciate hearing if you end up using
this in your own environment.


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