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     Re: [nocol-users] Hostmon-client connection

On 02/01, Russell Van Tassell wrote:
> On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, Frank Crawford wrote:
> > Has anyone considered ripping out the telnet stuff from hostmon-client
> > and using inetd to serve up the file.  This could either be done
> > with a simple "cat" or invoking hostmon-client with a special option.
> >   [...]
> It's probably a decent-enough idea, though there are some things that I
> think needs to be/stay persistent in the client.  Otherwise, it'd
> probably shorten the code but increase the difficulty of the setup and
> maintenance (with inetd mods needed along with the installation of tcpd
> or similiar).

It is a great idea, I think.  We've been doing this for a year or so.
We chopped a bunch of code from hostmond so it just writes to a file.
We then run a client from xinetd to serve the file.  This fits our
security model much nicer.

We also, during this process, wrote a udp server and client for this.
This is so our data collection program (which writes the hostmon data to
a database) can poll hosts in parallel.  This part is part of our final
transition away from using nocol (but we'll still keep our hacked

If either of these are of interest to anyone, please mail me and I'll
wrap 'em up to share.


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