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     [nocol-users] genweb.pl failing on FreeBSD 3.0


I am having some problems with nocol4.2.2b2, running on FreeBSD 3.0-RELEASE.
perl -v gives "version 5.005_02 built for i386-freebsd"

The actual error message is:
nocollib.pl did not return a true value at ./genweb.pl line 105.

I have done a diff on nocollib.pl between 4.2.2b2 and 4.2.2b1 and some of
the changes involve "return (-1);" turning into "return (undef)"

Has anybody else seen that one?

Is there any solution other than use nocollib.pl coming with 4.2.2b1.
That's what I have just done, and it doesn't seem to have broken anything
yet, but then I doubt it's been changed for no reason... ;-)

Thanks in advance,

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