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     [nocol-users] etherload config for 100mbps interfaces?

All attempts at making the 3 "bw" and 3 "pps"
make sense has been for naught.  If I do full
throttle ttcp transfers between a remote and the
local machine, I get like:

etherload: Fri Nov  6 13:23:53 1998 Bad bandwidth 167 >100

RedHat 5.1 machine, nocol-4.2.1

The PPS looks right, I'm assuming that the
avgpkgsize stuff is not figuring correctly
either because of the OS or my settings.  So,
if there is a known set of settting for 100mbps
interfaces, pass that along.

And if it is broken for the BBS reporting on
RedHat 5.1, knowhing that would be good also.

John Kemp (kemp@ns.uoregon.edu)