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     [nocol-users] Installing 4.2.2b1

I made these notes as I was installing NOCOL 4.2.2beta1 on our Sun Ultra
running Solaris 2.5. I hope they may be useful to Vikas in tidying up the
release ditribution, and/or to others installing this stuff on their


Fairly straightforward, except: I got the link error (mentioned in ealier
correspondence on this list) which needed fixing. When will this go into
the distribution? (When Vikas gets A Round Tuit, I guess ;-)

some etc/samples *-conf scripts and others in bin needed chmod +w to edit

perlnocol/testlog and some other perl scripts have path
/usr/local/bin/perl instead of the path I entered in ./Configure
(just as well /usr/local/bin/perl is linked to the real perl on my
system anyway!)

scinfo@sunm2> testlog
(libdebug) init_event: Inserting index= 1, Sitename= TestSite, Siteaddr= TestAddr
(libdebug) eventlog: socket opened
Did these packets get logged by noclogd at the  info  level ?
noclogd: Could not open stream `/nocol/logs/info'- No such file or directory

I found I needed to edit etc/noclogd-conf to set nocol path -
originally /nocol -- this was not clear from INSTALL

In notifier.pl also I needed to set $nocolroot manually - a bit odd as the
script seems to have had its #! ..perl path set up correctly by the
install script, so I'd have thought it would have $nocolroot set correctly

In genweb.pl, not clear if $processor is path in filesystem or relative to
URL - but this is made clear in webnocol.cgi

Aargh! INSTALL says edit webnocol/genweb.pl but there is already a copy in
bin which is the one that is used!

INSTALL doesn't mention installing noclogd properly - only in debug mode
It would be helpful to mention that keepalive_monitors kicks it in (I'd
already set it up to start from /etc/rc3.d/SNNnoclogd before I realised
and had to undo that <sigh>).

Install and the FAQ are silent on how to get monitors (e.g. rpcpingmon) to
accept changes to their -conf files. I came in late to the mail list and
missed the start of the thread Re: nocol and kill signals (and can't be
****ed to read the archives in raw mbox format -- yuk, Vikas, haven't you
heard of MHonArc? :-) but got the gist that it's a to-do item. A note in
INSTALL and/or the FAQ on doing it the 'hard' way (I presume a kill and
restart, or wait for keepalive_monitors to do it for you) would be useful.

etherload and trapmon are -rws--x---   1 root     other,
multiping is -rws--x--x   1 root     other
 - surely they should all be o+x ??

John Stumbles                                      j.d.stumbles@reading.ac.uk
Computer Services, University of Reading       http://www.rdg.ac.uk/~suqstmbl 
       If a job's worth doing, it'll still be worth doing tomorrow.