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     Re: outage note//scheduled outage

>3. I was going to add a 'dependency' filter to netconsole:

>   List all the variables at the various layers i.e.

>	NewsPort, SMTPport, etc. depend on ICMP

>   so if ICMP goes down, then the other variables are expected to go down
>   and need not display them.

>   Similarly, build a device dependency:

>	NewsServer depends on RouterA depends on RouterB

I've been attempting to work out a scheme for this but they seem to quickly
get complicated beyond programmability. The above rules work but they're
not (imho) flexible enough. The bottom one, for example breaks as soon as
they move my office between RouterA and RouterB. Also, I can't create a
list and sent it to my counterparts on another part of campus. And I'd
rather say

RouterA depends on RouterB
NewsServer depends on RouterA

and have the sytsem figure out that if RouterB goes down that also affects
the NewsServer.

Ideally, you need to be able to create a position-neutral logical map which
is, of course, easily updatable. Any good neural net programmers out there?

Granted, we have a fairly large, way too dynamic network. Perhaps others
have an easier time of it.


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