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     Re: outage note//scheduled outage

The easiest way to do something like this would be to split the objects up
into two layers; the event layer which reads the events and reports them
to whatever higher layers request it, and the output layer which all of
which use the same event layer, and parse it/display it according to
however they like (through x, web, vt100, etc).  This way you just have to
write a new display object and don't have to mess with the rest of the

It may also be a nice idea to implement them all into one binary, to which
you could type 'netconsole -t vt100' and get a vt100 output, or
'netconsole -t x' and get an x window, etc.  This goes along with my other
request to have a parameter to output in plain text a 'snapshot' of the
current nocol status.  specifying something 'netconsole -t html' would
output one HTML screen.

that's what I'd do anyways.;

On Thu, 3 Sep 1998, steve rader wrote:

>  vikas>> I was hoping that I can stop further development on the curses 
>  vikas>> interface and add more features to the web interface instead.
>  > From: Joe Provo - Network Architect
>  > Please don't.
>  > 
>  > My people use nocol becuase it is very complete, works, isn't dependant
>  > on other things running (eg web server), and can truly be checked on
>  > from anywhere.  There exist other pointy-clicky-only monitoring packages;
>  > please don't dumb nocol down to their level.
> Amen brother!
> However..... having hacked curses full time for a number of
> months I can relate to Vikas's attitude!
> What about replacing "netconsole" with two interfaces which
> don't involve curses:
>  1) "nocol-status" which simply prints "netconsole" type output 
>     to stdout 
>  2) "xnocol" which is a simple tcl/tk client that provides
>     almost exactly the same look and feel as netconsole with
>     one major enhancement: the "add a comment for this outage
>     ala Rover" field.
> ??
> I'd be perfectly willing, perhaps even excited about coding these
> critters but it'd *have* to wait until mid October or November.
> (Oh yea, and I have to clean up my nocol up/down report generator
> first--that'll have to wait until the US Open (tennis) isn't
> on tv during the evenings =:)
> steve
> -- -- -- --
> Steve Rader
> Systems & Network Manager
> WiscNet--Wisconsin's Internet Provider
> rader@wiscnet.net

Thank you,

Jonathan A. Zdziarski
Senior Systems Administrator
Netrail, Inc.
888.NET.RAIL x242