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     Re: outage note//scheduled outage

 vikas>> I was hoping that I can stop further development on the curses 
 vikas>> interface and add more features to the web interface instead.

 > From: Joe Provo - Network Architect
 > Please don't.
 > My people use nocol becuase it is very complete, works, isn't dependant
 > on other things running (eg web server), and can truly be checked on
 > from anywhere.  There exist other pointy-clicky-only monitoring packages;
 > please don't dumb nocol down to their level.

Amen brother!

However..... having hacked curses full time for a number of
months I can relate to Vikas's attitude!

What about replacing "netconsole" with two interfaces which
don't involve curses:

 1) "nocol-status" which simply prints "netconsole" type output 
    to stdout 

 2) "xnocol" which is a simple tcl/tk client that provides
    almost exactly the same look and feel as netconsole with
    one major enhancement: the "add a comment for this outage
    ala Rover" field.


I'd be perfectly willing, perhaps even excited about coding these
critters but it'd *have* to wait until mid October or November.
(Oh yea, and I have to clean up my nocol up/down report generator
first--that'll have to wait until the US Open (tennis) isn't
on tv during the evenings =:)

-- -- -- --
Steve Rader
Systems & Network Manager
WiscNet--Wisconsin's Internet Provider