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     hostmon question

I'm using hostmon with NOCOL 4.2 to monitor a few machines, but I've
noticed something disturbing today. None of the info from hostmon is
making it into the noclogd logs. My setup here is pretty standard, the
logging portion of noclogd-confg looks like:

*               critical        /local/nocol/logs/critical
*               error           /local/nocol/logs/error
*               warning         /local/nocol/logs/warning
*               info            /local/nocol/logs/info

rpcpingmon seems to be logging correctly, so I'm relitively convinced that
it isn't noclogd malfunctioning. 

Is this the correct behavior? If so, is there an easy way to fix hostmon
so that it will log to noclogd? All I really need here is logs of hostmon
output so that I can generate trends on host load, etc.