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     Re: hostmon question

On Wed, Aug 26/98, Rob Deker <deker@digitaladdiction.com> wrote:
> I'm using hostmon with NOCOL 4.2 to monitor a few machines, but I've
> noticed something disturbing today. None of the info from hostmon is
> making it into the noclogd logs. My setup here is pretty standard, the
> logging portion of noclogd-confg looks like:
> *               critical        /local/nocol/logs/critical
> *               error           /local/nocol/logs/error
> *               warning         /local/nocol/logs/warning
> *               info            /local/nocol/logs/info
> rpcpingmon seems to be logging correctly, so I'm relitively convinced that
> it isn't noclogd malfunctioning. 
> Is this the correct behavior? If so, is there an easy way to fix hostmon
> so that it will log to noclogd? All I really need here is logs of hostmon
> output so that I can generate trends on host load, etc.

Funny you should mention that. I am seeing exactly the same problem. I
am suspecting perl myself, and had just sent mail to Vikas asking if he
had a small perl program to test communications to noclogd like the
newtest program. If not I will have to try to hack up my own unless
someone else can manage it. My perl skills mean this may take a while.

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