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     Re: up/down report generator

Hello All,

I've written an up/down NOCOL report generator for use
here with following usage:

 usage: nocolr [-a|-d Mon date] [-t] [-w] [-l Level] [-f log_file]
    -a           report about all days
    -d Mon date  report about a specific day
    -t           report with no header (terse)
    -l Level     report about a specific severity level
    -f log_file  use nocol log named "log_file"
    -h           do html table output

See enclosed example output.  (Yes, I'm working on putting
sendmail 8.9.1 into production! =:)  

This allows our "netconsole" to have today's up/down report in
it's message pane via a simple crontab entry.  And ditto for
our customized web interface.

If you'd like this report generator, send me a message directly
and I'll follow up to this list in a week or so.

Assuming folk want this type report, I'd like to ask this list
for opinions about some thorny issues re deriving that data
that's displayed here.  After they are ironed out, I'll post
the source.

-- -- -- --
Steve Rader
Systems & Network Manager
WiscNet--Wisconsin's Internet Provider
-- -- -- --

teak(rader): nocolr -l Error

    NOCOL Report for Error Entries: Aug 28

Date & Time Down   Date & Time Up    Site         Value                 Downtime
----------------   ----------------  ------------ --------------------  --------
Thu Aug 27 13:44 - Fri Aug 28 08:04  StAloysiusSD 100% packet loss         18:20
Thu Aug 27 13:57 - Fri Aug 28 09:47  WabenoSD     100% packet loss         19:50
Fri Aug 28 02:02 - Fri Aug 28 02:26  gomer        214 MailQLocal           00:24
Fri Aug 28 07:36 - Fri Aug 28 10:07  ThorpSD       80% packet loss         02:31
Fri Aug 28 08:24 - Fri Aug 28 08:54  PoynetteSD   100% packet loss         00:30
Fri Aug 28 09:16 - ** still down **  EdgarSD      100% packet loss         00:57