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     Re: [snips-users] hostmon-client.linux & /proc/


I'd turn the architectural question around just a bit.

1.  Yes, this is interesting.  In Linux, the there are several dynamics
in the /proc neighborhood and things are not entirely settled.  APM,
advanced power management, is apparently being deprecated and ACPI is
replacing it ... somehow I don't think that's the last word.  And not
every computer's BIOS groks either so there are frequently things that
don't work the same from one machine to the next.  

2.  The modularization boundary should be a MIB.  Rather than tailor
snips to read /proc directly, it would be better to manufacture a client
app that translates /proc data into SNMP MIB format.  (there have been
some efforts in this regard previously, but I don't have a trace).  

On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 09:52 -0400, Daniel MacKay wrote:
> Hello!
> Modern versions of Linux have several files in /proc/ which can be 
> consulted for  almost any data.
> I was wondering if anyone had thought of rewriting 
> hostmon-client.linux to use the info out of there instead of parsing 
> it out of, e.g. "uptime" or "vmstat" output.
> I was thinking of a subroutine that you pass the /proc/ filename and 
> the parameter you want, and it returns the value, so e.g. the line to 
> collec the data for SwapSpace could be:
> 	print "SwapSpace: " . &procinfo("meminfo","SwapFree") . "Kbytes\n" ;
> Is anyone interested in such a thing? -dan


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