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     Re: [snips-users] Graph titles begin with '%20'

>>I've got a stock 1.2beta2 that is somewhat stable (but there are bugs).
>>There are also patches that have been posted to this list.
> ha ha! snips with bugs!! say it aint' so!!
> how could I get the 1.2beta2 and help the development process along?

The downloadable source tarball is at

Vikas of Netplex-tech is the project leader (though he has been
non-communicative lately). A few of the list members have CVS access to
update the CVS server. If you post patches on this list they will
(usually) get put in CVS.

> I can do OK programming in Perl and i would REALLY like to encourage
> the notion of standard releases and a single, authoritative source
> tree, rather than a huge collection of patches posted to a mailing
> list.

I agree. On that note ...

We discussed copying the 1.2beta2 setting up a new project on sourceforge
for Snips but wanted Vikas' support. Given his absence for more than a
year now I think we should go ahead with this.

Russel, Tux are you up for this?

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