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     [snips-users] Congrats 1.2beta2 team

I have upgraded to snips 1.2beta2

Congratulations to the team that worked on this - the install pieces work flawlessly, and the new code does have several things fixed.

Things I noticed right away:
 - hostmon picking up the variables seems much more reliable.  with 1.1
   sometimes it just wouldn't show them for no apparent reason - then you'd
   shut it all down or reboot the machine and some ones that were being
   ignored would appear (or some ones you had would stop being logged)

- rrd graph titles (printed in the .gif) no longer start with %20

 - when you click on an alarm button or Device Name link, then on
   the "Graph" button,  snipsweb.cgi / rrdgraph.cgi now seems to
   reliably display the graph .  I don't know what's different because
   as far as I know they didn't get changed :-)

 - hostmon variables no longer get mixed up between 3 and 4-parameter
   variables, e.g. "_boot+MemFree"

Here are my upgrade notes; maybe they'll be helpful to someone else doing the upgrade.

My snips is in /usr/local/snips. To do the upgrade, I

As user snips:
 - unpacked the tar in my /usr/local/src
 - Configured
 - made
 - killed the running snips processes

Then as root:
 - moved /usr/local/snips to /usr/local/snips.old
 - made a new /usr/local/snips and chowned snips
 - su'd to snips and ran the install

Then as snips:
 - 'make install'

Then as root
 - 'make root'

Then as snips again:
 - moved the etc and rrddata directory from the old version to the new one
 - re-did my local patches
 - cranked it all up.

Daniel MacKay
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, +1 902.499.0488

Zyrion Traverse Network Monitoring & Network Management Software