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     [snips-users] portmon with ssl support.


I needed to add https monitoring to our monitoring system at work so I
adapted portmon to work through ssl. It (obviously) needs the openssl
libraries to compile with and it doesn't allow non-ssl connections anymore.

I didn't have a lot of time so I wasn't able to make it an option to the
existing portmon, though I'm hoping to do so in my spare time.

Attached (I hope) are diffs for the three files I modified. These are
differenced from the 1.2beta2 package of Snips.

The files to patch (from the extracted to directory) are:

There are no additional variables for ssl handshake timing or validating
server certificates. This just does what portmon did but through ssl.

Hopefully I will have a cleaner implementation that allows for
portmon/portmon+ssl support in one tool at some time in the future. Until
then, these patches might be useful to someone.

I don't have updates to the makefile because I did the compile of my ssl
portmon by hand.

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