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     Re: [snips-users] DFspace_avail=0 for some filesystems


Of course, my floppies already come through as:

DFspace_avail 0 MB /dev/fd
DFspace_%used 0 %full /dev/fd

... and so, what hostmon.confg entries do you use for those? My guess was that this should work:

	DFspace_avail   *       -1 -2 -3        ^/etc/mnttab$
	DFspace_avail   *       -1 -2 -3        ^/dev/fd$

but it didn't.

(and are you really mounting a file system on /etc/mnttab?)

No, *I'm* not doing it; it's a fictional filesystem that Solaris 8 puts there - it's a view of an internal kernel data structure. Here's the nitty-gritty on it:


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