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     [snips-users] DFspace_avail=0 for some filesystems

As I mentioned earlier today, for some reason as a result of some other snips maintenance, I am getting alarms on all my machines, reporting that /dev/fd and /etc/mnttab DFspace_avail=0.

Now, I could:
 - modify all of the hostmons to not look at these "filesystems"
 - modify hostmon-collector to ignore those lines
 - edit hostmon-confg to not alarm on zeroes.

Obviously the third is the easiest. But I put in a couple lines like this:

DFspace_avail   *       -1 -2 -3        ^/etc/mnttab$
DFspace_avail   *       -1 -2 -3        ^/dev/fd$
DFspace_avail   *       15 10 5

but it is still alarming on these at "Warning" level. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be very glad to hear them.
Daniel MacKay
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
+1 902.499.0488

Zyrion Traverse Network Monitoring & Network Management Software