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     Re: [snips-users] Problem building snips on Solaris 8

On Wed, Apr 23, 2003 at 04:47:16AM +0000, Khir tgv wrote:
> Hi
> I get these errors when I run make. I have installed GNU make, Bison, and m4 
> from Sunfreeware.
> Expect 13 shift/reduce conflicts from bison -y :
> bison -y getdate.y
> conflicts: 13 shift/reduce
> make[1]: *** [getdate.o] Broken Pipe
> ld: fatal: library -lsnips: not found
> ld: fatal: File processing errors. No output written to 
> display_snips_datafile
> How do I fix this?. Thanks.

Sounds like your linker isn't picking up the SNIPS library... have you
checked to make sure that it was properly built and exists in the "lib"
directory in your source tree?

You should see something like this early-on in the build process:

-- begin
ld -r -o libsnips.a bsdsignal.o daemon.o eventlog.o event_utils.o
getdate.o  netmisc.o putenv.o rrd_funcs.o snips_funcs.o strfuncs.o
touch  libsnips.a
Created libsnips.a in /export/home/russell/build/snips-1.2beta2/lib
-- end

...and libsnips.a should be created from there.

You /might/ try doing a "make clean" followed by a "make" and see what
happens, again... then again, there might be a few more issues there, as
well (I'll try a build on Solaris 8, if you want, etc, and see what I
come up with -- I've still, personally, mostly built it on Solaris 2.5.1
and 2.6... but I have an 8 box I could drop it on)


Russell M. Van Tassell
russell at loosenut com

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