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     Re: [snips-users] SNIPS summary report cannot parse logs

nate said:

> ./logstats.pl -f /var/www/critical.log
> +1 Illegal Level (0=): Mon Mar  3 01:40:38 2003 [ippingmon]: DEVICE aphro
> VAR ICMP-ping 0 1 Pkts LEVEL Critical LOGLEVEL Critical STATE
> down

I did a couple changes to the loglevel.pl script and managed to get
something ..not perfect but better then before..

put a buncha debugging info into the script, I'm VERY much a perl
newbie but this was a good test perhaps :)


I am really uncertain as to the log format, specifically in the above
example, what the first number after the "ICMP-ping" means. The second
number appears to be the actual log level. I changed the regexp ever
so slightly so I could single out the second number instead of the
first. Then changed this line:

my $ilevel = $intlevel{substr($e_level, 0, 1)};

my $ilevel = $e_level;

after that, it seemed to at least partially start working, I got
a report for 2 of my ICMP outages reported correctly 54minutes,
output of script:


not perfect of course but better then giving nothing!

maybe someone who is better at perl then me can see what's going

I suppose worst case is i could write some perl script to reformat
the log file so it will work with nocol's old logstat script, that
worked great on my systems.



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