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     [snips-users] Couple of inquiries

Anybody know of a way to get *rid* of the RTT display (or even the check; I
don't care about RTT, I only care about if a device pinged or not) in the
web interface?

Also, the web interface/status generated doesn't seem to show over 74
devices.  This is one
reason I'd like to get rid of the RTT display (as its extraneous
information) and just display
if the device was successfully pinged.

Has anyone written an improved beep_oncall or notifier.pl than the one that
comes with 
SNIPS1.2b2?  I've got a problem where ATT Wireless splits an 80-character
line of text
into 2-3 separate pages.  I'd like to be able to just get a page like this:

austermsrv ICMP-ping Warning Down

instead of 

austermsrv VAR ICMP-ping 0 1 Pkts Warning Warning

Thanks for any suggestions and help.  I'd look at Fidelia (in fact, I took a
look at 
it while at another company about a year ago), but budgetary constraints
prevent that
right now...


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