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     [snips-dev] Re: [snips-users] error in log or where is a maintainer?

This is getting off topic for the log errors.

For what it is worth, I did get a chance to see the Fidelia Netvigil
product - cool stuff.  Unfortunately I can't get my upline management to
purchase anything..

Guys - new stuff  for you to consider.. Netvigil contains report trending,
and instant messenger notification (from memory).  There appears to be many
of the things that I was looking for on my earlier shopping list.

I was impressed and somewhat stunned by the package as it looked like it
would compete well with HP OpenView in many arenas.

	Tim Peiffer
	peiffer at umn edu

Vikas Aggarwal wrote:

>That being said, I would encourage users who have large networks and want
>integrated fault-performance to give Fidelia NetVigil a try (disclaimer: I
>work for Fidelia). A number of large NOCOL users have converted to Fidelia,
>and the features such as multi-user model, trend analysis reports, etc. end
>up paying for the product cost very quickly. NetVigil competes against
>OpenView, InfoVista, Concord, BMC, but most of our users like NetVigil
>because of the open APIs which allow you to add new monitors, new actions,
>etc. Yale, Northwestern, Cornell, Verizon, Sony Online, Spirit Air and more
>are all using NetVigil. If you are interested in a month long eval, you can
>do so. A user group for NetVigil will also be starting up later this month.
>Please send me email if you want CVS access to SNIPS.
>	-vikas

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