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     [snips-users] snips wish list

  I am trying scale SNIPS to my environment (2200 etherswitches, 25 ATM 
switches, 30 aggregating router/switch nodes), plus several interconnect
routers for peering at the NorthernLights GigaPOP.  I see SNIPS as being
able to play in that arena, and would like to supplement our current
HP OpenView management platform.  The wish list below might be considered
a weak area for HP OpenView.

  I would like to generate some discussion of the areas below.  I offer
to provide my programming assistance where I can to see my wish list

Tim Peiffer 	    	    	    	peiffer at nts umn.edu
Operations Manager - Engineering Automation
Networking and Telecommunications Operations
University of Minnesota                 +1 612 626 7884 desk
2218 University Ave			+1 612 625 0006 problems
           				+1 612 626 1002 fax
Minneapolis MN 55455, USA          

o distributed monitor's
  + more info on configuration for large networks
  + Central Manager of managers
  + need Non NFS file systems.
  + View's to provide visibility into only a subset of the entire DB.
    - Routers, ATM/Ether switches
    - Modems, VPN
    - Core services
    - File servers
  + integration with applications such as openview.  This may require the use of
    notifier to 'set' critical alarms, and possibly something else to 'unset'
    the alarm.
o tigher integration with 'syslog' to handle or decode alarms, as well as 
    de-escalate alarm events from critical..warning to info.
o latency and/or thruput matrix
  + generate a list of hosts to monitor ala OSU flow tools - aka top ten talkers
	and/or destinations.
  + Assumes distributed monitors
o Ability to generate and incorporate (signal HUP) configurations from
  cpu servers.
o Ability to test configurations (ala syslogmon) outside of monitor to 
  validate the configurations, showing with log input what the output
  and actions would be.
o Reporting should include summary uptime of particular service (instead of 
  or including downtime).
o expanded output of reports, and logs via HTML.

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