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     Re: [Fwd: [snips-users] Etherload extra statement?]

Tuc wrote:
> > So the > 100 errors really are errors, since you shouldn't have 117%
> > bandwidth usage on your ethernet device.  That should be reported in
> > run/*.error, because it's a misconfiguration you wouldn't want
> > cluttering up your snipslog file.

Is this a FE port? Did etherload detect it as a FE port or a 10Mbps port?
Try running with -d.

Note that etherload is monitoring the traffic on the ethernet by
'snooping', not really the traffic on your host's interface. In switched
LAN environments, it has limited usage.

> Ok, got it, but then how can I guarantee what the packet size is...
> I just used :
> device exp0
> bw      30  50  70
> pps     500 1000 1500

Packet size cannot be guaranteed. Etherload is measuring bw by adding each
packet's actual size and dividing by time.


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