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     [snips-users] config files limitations in radiusmon


has anyone come across any config files limitations in radiusmon, i have
currently a number of hosts ( 7 to be exact) in my config file
(radiusmon-confg) , and the system cycles through them fine, and reports
they are all up and running correctly, however when i add another entry to
the config file and then reload radiusmon, i find the other hosts start
misbehaving and being marked as down, when they are in fact
the new entry causes the hosts to all behave again....and even removing a
previously listed host and adding the new one works fine, it is just when
there are over 7 hosts it gets nasty...

the character count on just the host entries comes to 582 chars, and even
with all of the comments etc, comes to only 1505, and the longest line is
only 94 characters...

i am not sure if it is a character limit or what....anybody else had any
issue with the config files??


Steve Foster
Senior Systems Administrator
PSINet Europe
Work: +44 (1223) 577322
Mobile: +44 (7720) 425911

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