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     RE: [snips-users] Notifier.pl

> It should be read in from the configuration file, although I 
> note that the example configuration file has ":email" as the 
> email notification suffix, while notifier.pl actually looks 
> for "mail" only...

I had spotted the mail and not email.

It was coming up with a null value.  I was only using the default line
though.  It looked like the array wasn't getting split correctly.. But I had
been bashing my head against the wall trying to debug that script for a
couple of days (my version now has about 20 odd lines of debuging code)

The notifier-confg line reads:

default                 1
brodie davis at infinity.co.nz:mail:5

But by printing the $medium variable before the if statement the variable
had a null value.
> I think this is someone's typo (I don't _think_ it's mine!) 
> on line 181 of the notifier.pl that comes with snips-1.0.  It 
> should read:
> 	my @tm = localtime($event{eventtime});
> ... i.e. "eventtime", not "eventime".

Ahh good spotting.. Time to kill something and test it. :)  and it works.
That also exists in snips-1.1Beta.

> I must say, as the original author of this strange bit of 
> PERL, that I am very surprised to see it cross over into 
> SNIPS from NOCOL.  Vikas (or
> someone) has done a great job of converting my original, 
> hurried submission ripped from a barely-function production 
> system into something that I'm not even sure I understand 
> (but presumably works!).

Umm that makes 2 of us.. Our C developer here was scratching his head over
the script till we gave up and hacked it.. :)


Brodie Davis

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