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     [snips-users] SNIPS w/ SNMP Traps

	I have been using Nocol for several years and have had great
results with it. However, I now find myself in the position of having to
update our network management infrastructure to handle proactive, SNMP
trap based event handling.
	I would like to know if anyone has done significant work between
CMU SNMP and SNIPS so that SNIPS can log, react to, and manage traps
coming from SNMP capable equipment. I understand from the FAQ that it is
capable of querying SNMP devices, but I'm looking for more immediate
feedback and response.
	For example, I have several devices that are capable of sending
SNMP traps for issues like carrier drops, error thresholds. I would like
this equipment to be able to create an event in SNIPS that would allow our
technicians to resond to and correct the problem.

Any comments?

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