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Current Version v1.1

SNIPS (System & Network Integrated Polling Software) is a system and network monitoring software that runs on Unix systems and can monitor network and system devices. It is capable of monitoring DNS, NTP, TCP or web ports, host performance, syslogs, radius servers, BGP peers, etc. New monitors can be added easily (via a C or Perl API).

False alarms are avoided by escalating events through severity levels- hence if a site is unreachable, the site will be tested multiple times before finally indicating that it is 'critical'. All events are logged, and the operator has the capability to decide which level to view the events at.

Available monitors are:

ICMP ping RPC portmapper
OSI ping Ethernet load
TCP ports Nameserver
Radius server Syslog messages
Mailq NTP
UPS (APC) battery Unix host performance
BGP peers SNMP variables
Data throughput  

Click here to see a sample of the web interface.

The software is available from or via ftp from is a mailing list for general discussion of SNIPS. Click here to subscribe to this mailing list (send subscribe in the BODY of your email).

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