SNIPS Release Notes &
Change Log

Features in v1.x

The main features in this release of the software are:

RRDtool support Support for storing and graphing monitored data using RRDtool.
HUP handler All monitors can be sent a HUP signal to re-read their config file.
'rating' of events A new binary string indicating the result of the last 4 (or 8) polls for each device.
color curses Support for color curses in snipstv
more snipstv views Multiple extended views in snipstv (using the 'e' key)
snipsweb sorting snipsweb allows sorting and filtering when run as a CGI
hostmon for NT hostmon-client for NT machines
RTT in ippingmon ippingmon now also records packet round trip times (RTT)


Release Notes

snips v1.1 (Aug 2001)

Minor release, primarily bug fixes.

snipslogd-conf extension should have been -confg
Had to define LD also while generating Makefile. Solaris machines can pick up cc instead of command line gcc.
Converts host byte order to network for logging between hosts with different endian.
Bug fix where process was getting killed in debug mode.
Misc bugs in genweb.cgi snipsweb.cgi
crontab listed snipsweb.cgi in bin/ dir instead of web/cgi dir
was not handling cookies correctly (
genweb.cgi was not parsing CGI parameters properly
Should use qq() instead of q(). Was causing all perl scripts to give errors.
Was not setting name of config file correctly.
Was returning -1 in stratum on error.
Bug fixed where bzero() was being called after get_inet_address().
unpack_event() was returning bad values, because tstr was not declared static in event2strarray()
Added portType option (reported by
Checks to see if variables were initialized to prevent warning messages.
Had to comment out the HP private mib since it was messing up the parsing of the 'mib-2.system' tree.
Numerous bug fixes (
Error in trimming the variable names.
Listed instead of

snips v1.0 (June 2001)

Complete rewrite of all modules and libraries.

1. RRDtool Added support for generating RRD databases in all software.
2. multiping Replaced alarm() with select(). 2x faster (500 sites in 150 secs)
Can now read host list from stdin instead of cmdline.
Also monitors round-trip times (RTT)
3. snips.h Increased size of fields and added new fields.
All datafiles have DATA_VERSION stored as first event.
4. snipstv Color ncurses (
Multiple 'extended' views
5. HUP support All servers support HUP for reloading config files.
6. eventlog.c snipslogd  hostname can be set in SNIPSLOG_HOST environment variable for all the monitors (
7. -x option Added -x flag to add an extension to the program name  (
8. Local address
If an address is set in the environment variable SNIPS_LCLADDR, that local address is used for binding the local socket (if multiple local address, needed by firewalls)  -
9. Hostnames Can use hostnames instead of IPaddr in all config files.
10. genweb.cgi Added CGI support to (
11. hostmon-nt Hostmon-client for Windows NT machines (
12. Read eventlog data from stdin for running from snipslog.conf
13. portmon Stores and displays the response time of the web pages.