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     Re: [nocol-users] security problems with webnocol.cgi, genweb.pl, notifier.pl, etc.

> 	While I agree there are problems, the scripts probably need to
> be .htaccess protected and only used by your NOC staff.

	Don't worry, I heeded the warnings in the nocol documentation.
	Even before I turned off wegnocol.cgi it was accessible
	only to a restricted set of users.

> 	As for SNIPS, I personally haven't heard much of it in recent times.

	That's too bad. I really like the modular approach to nocol
	but it clearly could benefit from a refactoring. 

>         ...  NSMON is sorta broken, and only due to begging someone, did we
> get it fixed.  

	I'd like to hear more about that one. It is working fine
	for me.