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     Re: [nocol-users] Is this product still alive?

>Forgive my rudeness for asking such a question in a first posting but I
>was just going through the archive and noticed that the last message was
>dated August 2000.  That seams an awfully long time ago for a product
>discussion list to be so quiet.

A handful of messages per month seems to be the norm lately...By my count,
there were 4 in December, 6 in November, 15 or so in October.

>I was also wondering if anyone else was having problems keeping the
>hostmon-client from crashing?  I haven't been able to track down exactly
>why it crashes but every once in a while one of the hostmon-client
>server processes does crash on a couple of my systems (solaris 5.7 both
>sparc and x86).

It crashes now and then on one particular box of mine (Ultra 1, Solaris 2.6),
but it'll also restart itself within 10 minutes or so.  It seems to only
drop off the map about 3-4 times a month, but if I leave it alone, it'll
pop right back up.  It takes longer for the webnocol to change then change
back, but as to why it actually dies, I haven't figured that out yet.

JoJo Brooks                                     
Advanced Systems Consulting, Inc                    jbrooks at advsys dot com