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     [nocol-users] Updates in webview?


(this list seems to need some time for sending out mails or is it
only my system?)

I just tried to use the update-function of nocol webview. This is
really nice - but if I try to update events which are handled by
hostmon, this seems not to be working as I want to have it: if
hostmon is on, the Device is OkData (which means, that the received
data from the client is okay). I want to be able to change the
value, so I can announce that this system won't have hostmon-data
for (maybe) 15 Minutes. If I set this, it is okay. Then I shut down
hostmon-client. After a while, the Device changes from OkData to
OldData - and there is no update-value!. Also, after some time, the
Device changes from OldData to NoData - which is quite correct,
there are _no_ data yet. But the update-field is empty. I added that
manually then, but it was not so amusing...

After I changed it and hostmon was online again, I removed the first
update-Line, which was in OkData. Then I looked into the
"updates"-file from the Webserver - and the old values for OldData
and NoData are still there. But I don't have any way to access them
- I can not see them in the "Info"-View or somewhere else. So I have
to wait until one of these values appear again so I can change the

Is this my problem, do I handle the update wrong? Or where lies the

Ciao, Hanno
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