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     [nocol-users] From Address

I am running two instances of NOCOL on two different servers. The first
server is running NOCOL-v2.4.1 and the second is running NOCOL-v4.3.1. I am
trying to standardize the way they send out email notifications -
specifically the from address.
The first server sends them out as nocol@subdomain.domain.com and the second
sends them out as just nocol@subdomain. The final solution I am looking for
is to see them come from: NOCOL [nocol@subdomain.domain.com] - so in outlook
I don't get an email address in the from field - but rather just the word
NOCOL. How do I set this up on the server?


FYI: I thought it was just a matter of editing the comment field in the
password file (both servers are running Solaris 2.6) but this does not
appear to be the case.