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     [nocol-users] General monitor observations/improvements

I'm new to NOCOL, but recently made a small change to hostmon
that I have already found very very handy.

Basically the daemons like hostmon (and I guess nsmon, etc.) do work
and then sleep and so on. I check the modification-time of the
configuration file after the sleep, so that when I change the
configuration file it takes effect without additional effort.

So that I can have the change take effect even before the sleep is
over, around the sleep I install a HUP signal handler to have the
configuration file read.

Basically this is code I've written several times, most recently 
in a program to trigger on ps-like actions. See 
  http://www.netwinder.org/~rocky/ps-watcher or

Do others mind that everytime a configuration file changes the corresponding
daemon needs to restart? 

Also, it appears that hostmon uses Perl4 conventions. Is there anyone
out there that still uses Perl4 but updates NOCOL regularly?

Lastly, one area that I think is in need of improvement is the ability
to configure host file more automatically or via a web interface. To
this end, I think the first part would be allowing a configuration
file to have "includes" In this way one might have host names for
example separated into another file which also simplifies generation
of the host file(s).