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     Re: [nocol-users] Monitoring Time

Chris Strandt wrote:
> I know that NOCOL does no paint an alarm until its determined to be
> critical (or based on what your viewing), but how long does it take for
> a state to change?
> I assume this is dependant on how many tests you are running??
> Lets say you had 400 hosts / routers?
> -Chris

I did some testing with the v4.3 ippingmon. It takes about 400 secs for
400 hosts to complete one complete cycle of testing, so it will be 400s
per state change (or 400*3=1200secs before the host comes up as critical).

However, I have made some changes in the multiping (and ippingmon) code in
the alpha version I have put out, which is faster by about a factor of 2.
This takes about 350sec for 1000 hosts.

If you want hosts to change state faster, you can divide the
ippingmon-confg into 2 or more chunks and run multiple instances of
ippingmon (just create symlinks from  ippingmon to ippingmon2 and it will
attempt to read etc/ippingmon2-confg)