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     [nocol-users] Unclear on some concepts

OK, newbie here you've been warned (i.e. stupid question coming):

I successfully compiled and installed nocol-4.3 on a Sparc Ultra5
running Solaris 2.7. I have noclogd running. I have clients and their IP
addresses listed in $nocolroot/etc/ippingmon-confg and
$nocolrootdir/etc/rpcpingmon-confg. I run netconsole with a runlevel of
4 (Info) and do not see any of the clients listed.

If I run testlog, I see info in the $nocolroot/logs/info file. No other
files (such as critical, warning, or otherwise) are getting created and
all I see in info is the results of testlog.

Just to see what is up, I added a file called 'hello' in the
$rootnocol/msgs directory and put "Hello there" in the file. In
netconsole this message disappears and reappears every second, so I know
something must be working.

If anyone has any idea why I don't see stuff being monitored/updating I
would appreciate it.