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     Re: length of "Device Name"

Otto Fuetterer wrote:
> Hi,
> this question is regarding the webinterface to nocol
> The subject says it all, where do I make the field that holds "Device Name"
> longer?
> Currently this fieldīs maximum is 15 Characters. A Router Name like
> "Deutschland-router" get cut to "Deutschland-rou" and when troubleshooting
> with nslookup this string is passed and of course nslookup does not find
> this Rou(ter)
> Thanks for help

It's actually not a web interface issue. NOCOL uses 15 character device
names throughout. Just off the top of my head--you could try changing
MAXNMLEN in nocol.h (in the include directory of the distribution) and
recompile. Then you'd also need to redefine $event_t in nocollib.pl
(probably the a15's should be changed to MAXNMLEN-1).

I haven't tried this so there may be other changes you'd need to make.


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