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     Re: Multiple Dependencies (as requested)

the problem with a 'hidden' field in the database is that it's not the
place for it...if one person wants to hide a view and another doesn't,
it automatically makes the field obsolite.  i think the 'hidden'
information should be kept in either a cookie, /tmp file, or whatever
type of file a view process initializes to store its variables.

On Mon, 18
Oct 1999, Rick Beebe wrote:

> "Jonathan A. Zdziarski" wrote:
> > 
> > All involved, please let me know what you think of this below.  I believe
> > it will be the optimal level of multiple dependency logic for our
> > application allowing you to form complex AND and OR routines, rather than
> > just OR routines.
> One of the things I added to the web interface, that doesn't exist in
> netconsole, was a status field and a 'hidden' field. I had to use the
> somewhat kludgy etc/updates file to do that. Since we're talking about a
> redesign, how about adding those to the database to make it easy to add that
> functionality to any of the interfaces.
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Thank you,

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