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     Re: Monitoring the monitors

On Wed, Jul 14, 1999 at 02:10:48PM -0700, Russell Van Tassell wrote:

> > 	In an unrelated story....... Is there a way to keep "X" previous copies
> > of hostmon output?  We sometimes don't catch a situation that would have
> > really been great to see the hostmon information until after its refreshed
> > it.  Only keep the last "X" rolling copies of the config per machine.
> Well, a "painful" way to rebuild the data may be to:
>   cat ~nocol/logs/* | grep '\[hostmon\]' | sort
> I know... perhaps not the most elegant, but...

My apologies... but this would appear to be slightly "broken" in current
versions (noticed after I went back and checked it).  Apologies for any

Russell M. Van Tassell

"My toys!  My toys!  I can't do this job without my toys!"