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     Portmon wierdness


I've been installing NOCOL for a while now, getting monitors set up and
such.  The problem that I have is that if I jostle around/add new hosts to
the portmon-confg file, certain hosts appear down.  After moving the new
host around in the configuration file (e.g. http ports after smtp ports,
local smtp port last, etc.), I notice that the portmon program starts to
monitor the hosts correctly.  

Does anyone have an idea why?  After running portmon in debug mode, I was
able to discover that the program does one of two things:

1) It mixes up data from several socket connections.
2) It drops certain socket connections, claiming that it's a "bad file

Of course, debugging output can be generated upon request.  I'll leave it
out now for brevity.

Also,  I have quite a few problems with hostmon.  The disk usage routines,
at first, only returned one value, which was whatever disk partition was
fullest.  After modifying the code to accept variables like
DF_space_%used_var and DF_space_%used_usr (rather than just
DF_space_%used), I got correct answers for all of the file systems, but I
get a lot of UnInit values in my netconsole output.  After reading through
the mailing list's archives, I though that version 4.2.2beta2 was supposed
to fix this problem--it hasn't.  If anyone has run across this problem,
I'd really appreciate learning how to fix it.


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