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     nocol-4.2.1/2 build trouble on solaris 2.5.1


	I've been having trouble getting etherload to build properly in
solaris. It fails when compiling util.c, with the following error:

cc -O -DNOCOL -DSUNOS5 -I/home/ccf/src/nocol/nocol-4.2.2beta2/include  -c
In file included from util.c:45:
parse error before `('
parse error before `const'
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `util.o'

	Can anyone make a suggestion as to pointing me in the right
direction on fixing this? Has anyone else had the same trouble?

            Charles C. Figueiredo, Network Design & Integration
		          Network Engineer/System Administrator
			      www.ndi.net - ccf@ndi.net - ccf13