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     Re: Odd behaviour

Actually, we have the same problem with monitoring a DNS service on an NT
box. Our situation is actually with the NT box. Apparently, the fight over
master browser consumes so much of the systems resources that it's taking
away from the DNS server and slowing it down (This is what the admin is

At 02:13 PM 7/8/99 -0600, Bryan Stillwell wrote:
>Recently we started having problems with nocol sending us e-mails and
>pages saying that some server was down when it really wasn't.  I believe
>we were running 4.2.1 at the time when it happened, but have since
>upgraded to 4.2.2beta2 with no improvement.  Almost all of the messages
>seem to come from portmon.  We're running ippingmon and nsmon as well and
>I haven't seen any messages from them in a while.  We get in upwards of
>150 messages daily saying the servers up or the servers down and they get
>annoying.  I was just wondering if anyone else experience this problem or
>have any ideas of what could be causing the problem?
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Shawn O'Hail