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     Re: [nocol-users] NOCOL problems on BSD/OS 4.0

Hmmm, replying to my own message, this is a bad sign.  :-)

On Feb 19, 12:03am, Frank Crawford wrote:
> Subject: [nocol-users] NOCOL problems on BSD/OS 4.0
Anyway, I did some more testing and it appears that you don't need to fill in
the length field in the structure, you just have to make sure that the address
field is in the right place, so:

> The equivalent change for perl is to change the pack statement from:
> 	$paddr = pack('S n a4 x8', $af, $port, $haddr);
> to:
> 	$paddr = pack('C C n a4 x8', 16, $af, $port, $haddr);

just needs to be:

	$paddr = pack('x C n a4 x8', $af, $port, $haddr);
> These changes needed to be made in: rcisco, nocollib.pl and hostmon-osclient.
> Now comes the problem of getting these changes back into the standard
> distibution without breaking other things.


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