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     [nocol-users] NOCOL problems on BSD/OS 4.0

After upgrading to BSD/OS 4.0, I found that most of the NOCOL perl modules
suddenly stopped working.  After some poking around I "discovered" the
reason, the argument for the connect() system call has changed and the
perl arguments have to be changed appropriately.

In particular the sockaddr structure has changed from:

struct sockaddr {
	u_short	sa_fam;
	u_char	sa_data[14];


struct sockaddr {
	u_char	sa_len;
	u_char	sa_fam;
	u_char	sa_data[14];

The equivalent change for perl is to change the pack statement from:

	$paddr = pack('S n a4 x8', $af, $port, $haddr);


	$paddr = pack('C C n a4 x8', 16, $af, $port, $haddr);

These changes needed to be made in: rcisco, nocollib.pl and hostmon-osclient.
Now comes the problem of getting these changes back into the standard
distibution without breaking other things.


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