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     [nocol-users] "eventlog syswrite error"

Over the last few months there have been a few messages about people
receiving a "(libdebug) eventlog syswrite error:" message from hostmon.  I
noticed that I was getting the same error message and no loggin of hostmon 
messages above Error level so I decided to dig in.

To recap:
>       We are getting "(libdebug) eventlog syswrite error: " and don't know

>       The machine creating the events is the same machine receiving
> the events.  Why would the open be ok, then the write fail?  Why should it
> fail when its on the same machine?  Why isn't $! getting set?  Why isn't
> eventlog ever checked for a return code?  How do I investigate this more?
>       (The event that happened was something in hostmon went from Warning
> to Error and there is no log of it and our paging program wasn't run)

After much poking and prodding I added :

close($nlogfd);   # try closing every time

to the end of the eventlog subroutine to force the socket closed each time.
Voila, I was now getting hostmon messages above Error level logged
correctly and no more error messages.

I haven't moved this code to our production systems yet, but it appears to
work correctly on my test system. 

Can anyone else verify that this works correctly?

Ed Landa - VP Engineering     WATS 800-426-6782
ComStar Communications Corp.  MAIN 770-485-6000