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     [nocol-users] Bgpmon and BSDI?

I've been having no problems setting up the other parts of Nocol, except
for the bgpmon. Every time that I run it, I get an out of memory message,
and a hefty core file dropped. I've run into some problems previously with
programs that can't deal with the BSDI 3.1 OS, and was wondering if this
might be the case as well.


P133, 128 RAM
BSDI 3.1
Perl 5.004_04 

I've tried making a shell script and calling that:

limit stacksize un
limit datasize un
limit memorylocked un
limit memoryuse un


To no avail. 

If anyone might have some suggestions, please let me know.

Keri Medei

The difference between hardware and software is that
hardware you can kick, software you can only curse at.