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     [nocol-users] webnocol.cgi

Quick question...

	I'm no PERL wizard, so I'm in need of some help.  I
added another command to the troubleshooting area of webnocol.
When I had the webnocol.cgi line read:
local ($tail) = "tail /var/log/datalog";
everything worked fine.

However, when I changed it to:
local ($tail) = "/usr/bin/grep DEVICE /var/log/datalog | /usr/bin/tail";
it no longer works.

I tried:
local ($tail) = "/usr/bin/grep DEVICE /var/log/datalog"
but that didn't work either.

I'd like to be able to take a site, grep it from the datalog file and tail the output of the grep, but I'm not having any luck.



Alan Halachmi
Wide Area Networks Specialist
Ingram Entertainment Network Services