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     Re: [nocol-users] A small problem with portmon and http


no answer for me ??

Okay, additional information:

tcpdump told me, that there were incoming packets from these two 
servers ???

Just another question (hope someone can help me):

I want to test the health of a MS SQL Server.
I have created an asp Page which tests with an sql statement the 
health of the sql server.
If it's okay, the web server will give a 'Is alive' as a html page.
My problem is, that the connection with portmon will close after the 
first packet (or \n)
I'm interested in parsing the body of the asp page. Because it's asp, 
the ip packet for the body is coming some ms later.

Have someone an idea or solution ???


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Am 02.12.98, 17:01:04, schrieb Dirk Baetjer <db@stardivision.de> zum 
Thema [nocol-users] A small problem with portmon and http:

> Hi,
> i have a small problem testing two web servers with the portmon.
> I send the standard request
> HOST test WWWport 80 GET /index.htm HTTP/1.0\n
> with
> info  HTTP/1.1 200 OK

> That's not the problem :-)
> 1.IIS 4.0 from Microsoft need another Request type : HEAD
> 2.DAVID (it's a Novell FAX/Mail/Webserver) doesn't responds
> 3.One IIS 4.0 Server have the same problem as DAVID

> The debug output is
> (debug) timeout_read: Read 0 bytes from socket
> read error for '(david:80)'read: ...
> When i am testing this from a telnet david http, i've got the correct
> response....
> I was searching in the mailing archives about this problem, but there
> seems to be nothing about it.

> Have anyone a solution ??? Or, what's the difference between portmon
> and a 'normal' telnet session ?

> Bye,
> Dirk