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     [nocol-users] A small problem with portmon and http

i have a small problem testing two web servers with the portmon.
I send the standard request 
HOST test WWWport 80 GET /index.htm HTTP/1.0\n
info	HTTP/1.1 200 OK

That's not the problem :-)
1.IIS 4.0 from Microsoft need another Request type : HEAD
2.DAVID (it's a Novell FAX/Mail/Webserver) doesn't responds
3.One IIS 4.0 Server have the same problem as DAVID

The debug output is
(debug) timeout_read: Read 0 bytes from socket
read error for '(david:80)'read: ...
When i am testing this from a telnet david http, i've got the correct 
I was searching in the mailing archives about this problem, but there 
seems to be nothing about it.

Have anyone a solution ??? Or, what's the difference between portmon 
and a 'normal' telnet session ?