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     Re: New Nocol install weird messages

On Mon, Oct 19/98, TTSG <ttsg@ttsg.com> wrote:

> > This means you don't have a default. i.e. an entry with no trailing
> > regex.
> > 
> > DFspace_avail   *       20 15 10        /$ <- regex
> > DFspace_avail   *       40 30 20	   <- default
> >
> 	Ok.  I don't WANT a default then.  Just ignore this message
> then, no harm?  

Yup. or add one global default line 101 for DFspace_%used so it is never
a factor.

> > 
> > > 3) What causes a "newSocket() connect failed: Interrupted system call". 
> > > 
> > 
> > Are you using the builtin telnet protocol? I think this error happens
> > when you are not and the client tries to connect to the server. I sent a
> > patch to Vikas that adds an ssh option which bypasses the code that does
> > telnet if it's defined. If you don't plan to use the telnet option you
> > could comment out the code that trys and fails to use it before falling
> > back to rcp.
> > 
> 	Telnet to what? Port 5355 for the info?  Yes, mine does that.
> Could it just be that there was a burp in the net somewhere (We do
> monitor systems about 15 hops away from us!) and it missed the connect?
> We don't let it RCP. (Infact, some of our systems can't be pinged, so 
> we commented out "doping")

That would be my suspicion. If you aren't letting it doping that would
be likely. I don't trust rcp or the built in telnet which is why I put
in ssh mods.

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